Family Style BBQ

Discover the beauty of our island producers
Minimum 4 adults / same menu for the whole party / price per person
We can arrange a special meal for your children 95 kn - complimentary under 3 years old 
kitchen chef and service available until  2pm lunch and 11 pm dinner

- 520 kn –


Marinated calamari - preserved lemon, pickles and wild fennel

Tomato & organic goat cheese salad - olives, fresh basil

House made crostini - black olives tapenade, marinated vegetables and arugula



Choose 3 carve options from this selection:

Croatian rib eye - chicken breast - tofu steak 

Artisanal Croatian sausage - tuna Loin

Homemade BBQ sauce, ajvar (local sauce for BBQ)


Choose 3 garnish options from this selection

Roasted potatoes - black truffle olive oil and rosemary

Creamy polenta - thyme, tomato and fresh local cheese

Stuffed tomato - quinoa, greens, parmesan cheese

Grilled zucchini - tomato salsa and pickles red onion

Sautéed button mushroom and Swiss chard - cherry tomato and confit garlic



Choose 1 option from this selection

Red fruit vacherin - red fruit ice cream, whipped cream and crispy meringue

Seasonal fruit shortbread - marinated fruit, jam and sorbet (apricot, peach, melon, nectarine or plum upon availability)

Apple crumble - carob streusel, nuts and salted caramel ice cream

Black chocolate chips and hazelnut brownies - lavender and Maraska cherry

Seasonal fresh fruit plate