Hvar Island Delicacies


3-course lunch menu

 900 kn per person




The Island of Hvar is famous for its amazing selection of fresh fish and local herbs. Chef Alexandre will teach a 2-hour class where he will introduce you to many of these amazing local products.


The class will start with an in-depth explanation of the different types of fish and seafood available in the Adriatic. You will learn what to look for when buying fish and the nutritional value of the different varieties.


You will begin by preparing a traditional fish cake, a delicious introduction to Hvar. You will prepare this dish using fresh caught white fish slightly grilled “a la minute”, crunchy island vegetables and garden herbs finished with a citrus sauce.


Next up, the main course. You will make a traditional “Brodet”, an authentic Dalmatian recipe for local fish soup. This dish is made with a variety of seafood from the market. Chef Alexandre will choose the best products of the day to use. The Seafood is prepared and slowly cooked with “Posip” white wine, fresh herbs and Croatian paprika.


For dessert, you will create a creamy caramelized custard scented with local wild lavender. The perfect finish to a wonderful meal.

With our expert guidance, you will have “Hands on” experience cooking your own dishes which will give you the confidence to repeat these recipes at home with ease.



9.30 am - Coffee break
10 am - Presentation of the market products
2 hours of preparation of the recipe
12.30 pm – Lunch 3-course menu (wine included)

Gift : Cooking class awards

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