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Hvar Chef Review: Exceptional talent, creativity, attention to detail, and pitch-perfect service

Pool Party BBQ: Hvar Chf

-- A review by Tomi--

Fantastic experience

There are few words I can find that will do proper justice to the fantastic dining experiences my friends and I had the pleasure of enjoying at the hands of Yvan and Alex of Hvar Chef. Thanks to their exceptional gastronomical talent, creativity, attention to detail and pitch-perfect service, we had the dinner and the brunch of a lifetime at our villa on Hvar.

They have an outstanding knowledge of local wines and produce, everything they prepared was in season and prepared fresh in our kitchen ... whilst we were simply left to relax and enjoy ourselves in the garden and by the pool.

Magical dinner

They work seamlessly and effortlessly as a team; whilst Alex was busy preparing the meals in the kitchen, Yvan set the beautiful table and served us a selection of local appetisers of dried meats, cheeses and olives, accompanied by a very nice sparkling wine. The dinner itself was just a magical culinary experience of beautifully presented warm and cold starters, culminating in the main course, mouth-watering pastry wrapped veal and fresh cauliflower couscous salad. And to top it all off, an out-of-this-world dark chocolate soufflé infused with lavender! Every dish was accompanied by a wine expertly selected by sommelier Yvan.

Spectacular brunch

The brunch was an equal spectacular delight; freshly squeezed orange and pineapple juice, Eggs Benedict with fresh truffles, freshly baked brioche with chocolate, breads and toast with local jams, cheeses and honey, fresh fruits...what can possibly beat a late morning holiday breakfast like that, and you don’t even have to lift a finger yourself, just sit back and enjoy the impeccable presentations of Alex and Yvan.

A memorable experience

When they left, it was as if they had never been there, the kitchen was left spotlessly clean and all that remained was the nostalgic memory of the most wonderful meals we had during our holidays. We are so grateful for all the efforts they put in to make our dining experiences so memorable, we can not recommend Alex and Yvan enough for their first class service! Thank you! Tomi and friends.

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